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Thanks for visiting Abstract Friends, below are listed the things you will find on this website. Navigation is a breeze, the bar you see above lights up with red arrows where you are and is clickable, if there is a sub menu it will be over there on the left hand side, and the page you are on will be highlighted. I've tried to keep it fast and simple, if you are using a browser where something does not work properly, then please do send me a mail to let me know and I will try to fix it if possible. My e-mail address is on each page, feel free to send me a mail if you have a comment or a suggestion, or want to flame me, my shoulders are broad...

Here you will find a few of the tracks that I have written, performed and produced. They are not what you would describe as "commercial" in today's market, but I enjoyed making them nonetheless.
The largest section of the website due to the proliferation of kit in my studio. I would swear that audio kit is like a virus - it grows completely out of control and has a nasty side effect of depleting your bank balance at the same time.
A page about the services that I offer in connection with recording and production. My studio is small, I have no live room, but there is still a lot than can be done to a very good standard.
A page about how I came to be interested in the audio recording field.
The ubiquitous links page - small because I do not want to have millions of useless links on my site. The links that are here are to good websites only.

You can mail me here, glen@abstractfriends.com

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