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> AKG K240DF Headphones <
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AKG K240 DF Headphones

AKG K240 DF Headphones
I haven't used these much, but they are basically a set of monitoring headphones, open backed, which are supposed to make some attempt at replicating the sound that you here in a diffuse field situation. That's where the DF comes from. What does that mean? Errr...normal listening will do I think. I don't mix on headphones, but I do check mixes on headphones and they sound a lot different to the Sennheisers. They are much quieter for a start, but that aside they have a much less bassy sound and feel more airy, presumably due to the open backed design versus the Sennheiser closed back.

They get good reviews, and I have no complaints, they are reasonably adjustable and are nice and light. The lead is a bit flimsy, but comes with a screw on adapter so you can use them with quarter inch or mini-jacks.

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