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AKG C4000b Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

AKG C4000b Microphone
This is a large capsule multi-pattern studio condenser microphone covering omni, cardioid and hyper-cardiod. It is unusual in that it claimed to be the first multi-pattern microphone using an electret capsule, rather than a capacitor. What's the difference I hear you cry, well electret is a permanently charged design whereas capacitor is electrically charged each time you use it using phantom power or some other power supply.

The thing comes with a spider shock mount, and a windshield, but a pop shield is still better than the windshield for studio use. Connects via a standard XLR, needing 48 volt phantom power to run the head amplifier. It has a 10dB pad so you can record high sound pressure levels (155 dB dynamic range) with it and it has a low cut switch as well.

I have tested a few mics over my time and this is as good sounding as any I have come across in an equivalent price range. It is quite accurate in terms of reproduction and you need to spend time considering your recording space for acoustics prior to considering spending on anything more pricey in my view, unless you are "a bit flush".

Definitely would recommend this as a decent quality microphone for all standard uses.

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