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Steinberg Cubase SX3

Cubase SX3
A sequencer and audio recording and mixing package. Steinberg invented ASIO and also VST, hence they can deal pretty well with both those things and SX3 performs very well at low latency and has few gripes with a well designed VST plug-in.

This is now my sequencer package of choice, having moved away from Sonar. Once you get used to the changes to the workflow SX3 is as fast and as intuitive as Sonar was. I am finding that it is slightly better specified than Sonar, but the price is that there is not much bundled with the software. No convolution, the internal FX are pretty average, and you don't get many instruments with it. You also have to have one of these stupid syncrosoft dongle keys. Mine works okay, but I have heard stories of them failing and then you have to buy a new one to continue to use the software that you already own. Such is life when just about everybody uses cracked software, the legal user suffers along therewith. Anyway, as I say, the dongle, whilst stupid, does seem to work and when I upgraded from 2 to 3 I got the licence authorisation absolutely fine.

Pricewise, this is not cheap software, but it is okay. The major wins with SX2 and 3 are full path delay compensation and good configurability, plus the ASIO and VST implementation are excellent.

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