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Recording Your Demo

Not everybody is obsessed with the arcane world of recording, so if you want to put together a demo, what do you do. Well, there are a several options, first you could spend a few thousand on recording gear, learn how to do it and do it yourself. It would take a couple of years to get it right though, probably. Second you could hire out a pro studio for a very reasonable rate nowadays and get your demo put together. Or third you could get someone to do it for you in a home studio for very much less money.

I fall into the last category of those, facilities are not exactly palatial - it is a room in my house, but the kit is of good quality the processing is of good quality and the engineer (me) can at least work it all. So if you are a singer and you want to put together a demo over a backing track, or you play an instrument, or you are a guitarist/vocalist, then we can put something together.

If you want me to record for you at a location of your choosing, then this can be done. I am not an expert in recording live bands - much more kit is needed to do this to good effect, but multitracking is fine.

Costs depend on what you want, drop me a mail below.

You can mail me here, glen@abstractfriends.com
if you want to ask me anything, I'll do my best to answer if I can.