Had to have a links page really, despite the fact that there are not that many on here because I have made a conscious effort not to link just everything. These are places that I actually use all the time for shopping or just generally for interest value.

Possibly the greatest music tech magazine ever. Get your money out and buy a sub, required reading for all those with perpetual gear lust. Excellent and very busy discussion forum also.

Here you can download samples designed by a highly experienced sample and soundfont designer and an accomplished musician and writer. You have to pay of course, but you do get them there and then. All the stuff is high quality and well worth spending your hard earned on.

The place where I have bought most of my gear from decent fellas with good service and they build a pretty decent pc too. Always on the end of a phone and most of them are musos as well.

Excellent and comprehensive gear website nice and fast and up to date.

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