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MOTU Midi Express XT USB Midi Interface

MOTU Midi Express XT
An 8 in 9 out midi interface capable of striping Midi Time Code. 19" rackmount, 1U space. It has various different modes of operation depending on whether you are using it with a sequencer or just stand alone.

It talks to your PC using a USB cable, which is nice and convenient, WDM drivers exist for windows. Seems to do the job okay, doesn't seem to cause any major problems in the PC and looks ok. The flashing display on the front is a bit tacky for my taste though and the on off switch is a bit suspect. One useful thing is that it has one in and one out on the front panel in case you just want to plug something in quickly or temporarily, there is also a pedal input on the front panel too. Switching and routing is done using the pc and you can set up your own presets or use the factory presets it comes with - I tend to leave mine on Sequencer 30fps and that's that, but I could see the need for a full merge mode - if you don't want the pc on but you do want to play a module or something.

Quite cool, but a tad pricey.

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