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Some people have the basic facilities to record a multitrack recording but do not have the necessary mixing facilities, and cannot afford to pay for one of the big professional studios to mix their track for them.

Given the choice of making the investment in all the gear, then learning how to do it or paying someone who has all the gear and knows how to do it but does not charge big studio prices, the latter comes out better both in cost, timescale and final result.

This can be done remotely, or it can be done with the performers in attendance, so they can get the sound they want rather than the sound that the production engineer decides on. All we need is something I can load into either Cubase SX or Sonar. If we have data on a multitrack system that cannot produce anything compatible in terms of computing, then we can record all the music, track by track, into my systems. My equipment has a very low noise floor, so even in the absence of being able to transfer digitally, we should be able to get a very good result. What do I use to mix? Well take a look at the Kit List. Nearly all my mixing is done using software and plug-in processing, despite my love for hardware when it comes to instruments. The plug-ins I use are UAD-1 and TC Powercore Firewire and are amongst the best that money can buy. They can definitely produce a good mix result.

Pricing is really dependent upon time taken, which in turn depends on what format the music is in when I get it. I know the pressures of money so I will do it as reasonably as I can for you, drop me a mail below.

You can mail me here, glen@abstractfriends.com
if you want to ask me anything, I'll do my best to answer if I can.