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TC Electronics M One XL Multi Effects Unit

I like this bit of kit a lot. It is a decent quality mid-low range multi effects unit, 19" rackmount 1u space, with good reverb and effects across the board. All the classic stuff such as delay, chorus, flange etc etc are there as are a decent set of reverbs which sound not bad at all and definitely better than a lot of my plug-ins including the recently released Dreamverb on the Universal Audio UAD-1 cards.

The unit comes with two separate engines which operate either independently or linked, summing to a common set of outputs. There are about 6 sets of input/output configuration and these can be fed by analog or SPDIF digital. The box has loads of presets which vary in usability, the delay can be tempo based which makes it very user friendly indeed, the midi spec however does not allow a great deal to be done on the fly using your sequencer.

As an all rounder which is not hugely expensive and for usability this is a good machine and I would recommend it.

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