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> Line 6 Pod XT Guitar Processor <
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Line 6 Pod XT Guitar Processor

Line 6 Pod XT Guitar Processor
I haven't had this for very long so I don't know much about it, also I am no guitar expert, so I cannot spout on about how it sounds just like that Marshall amp or whatever... So, why did I buy it, well, it doesn't need to be connected a computer to work, so that's nice, it's portable, so you can just take it to the living room, plug in some phones and twiddle away and it's probably one of the best known and longest surviving amp simulators there is. The immediacy of the tactile interface is great too (yes, that's right, it has lots of knobs on the front panel).

So, it simulates a lot of amps and speaker cabs, it has effects all over the place and has various different inputs and outputs blah blah. Difference between the Pod 2 and the Pod XT is the number of outputs and number of simulations. Quality of effects processors is supposed to be better on the XT too.

They hold their second hand value very well, and are eminently e-bay-able. So you should be able to try one out and road test it for a period and still not make too much of a loss if you get rif in the end. I'm sure it will turn out to be a nice addition to the list of stuff to play with.

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