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On the left you can see the things which I can perhaps help you with. Click on any of the items to see more about it. They fall into three major classes, the smallest list, but the one which covers the most topics, is the first, production, under which a fairly broad range of services can be offered.

Next, you will see the recording section, under which I have put most of the hands on activities, such as helping to compile a demo, doing edits and creating mix compilations for shows.

Finally, the shop of horrors which is setting up. For the beginner and sometimes for the more experienced, this can be a complete nightmare. I have had my share over the years and think I have learned enough to help you put together a set up which will meet your requirements. Whether it be giving advice on choices of kit, to how to wire a pseudo balanced cable, to how to connect it all together to avoid having to repatch when you want to record something.

One final point, there are a wealth of resources out there, but some of the things that are on offer can only be learned by experience and sometimes you will learn much better by spending half a day hands on than by reading millions of website pages which can sometimes mislead. Yes, often the advice on various internet forums is incomplete, inaccurate and won't take into account your specific needs. True enough there are a lot of conscientious people out there who will take the time to give you a full response, but there is a limit to how much time the conscientious can spend helping you on an unpaid basis.

On pricing, I don't do a fixed price list, it is all custom depending on what you want to do. Drop me a mail, we can chat about it. I promise that if i can't help you, or I think you are wasting your money, I will say so and try to help you find someone who can help you or provide what you need. I have a good range of contacts covering most aspects of production.

You can mail me here, glen@abstractfriends.com
if you want to ask me anything, I'll do my best to answer if I can.