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Novation Supernova II Virtual Analogue Synthesiser

Novation Supernova II
The Supernova II Rack (along with the rest of the Supernova 2 and Supernova ranges is no longer in production. So your only hope of getting one is second hand. A top spec one can go for as much as 700, depending upon the particular model. Mine is the 24 voice model, but they make a Pro (36 voice) and a Pro X (48 voice) as well. There is no difference in the insides except for a voice expander card in the Pro and the Pro X.

This synth is virtual analogue and a classic in my view. It is easy to work, very cool to look at with its blue screen and loads of buttons and knobs and it sounds great. It is a doddle to programme if you want to, and very easy to tweak sounds. Currently running OS2, which comes with a slightly unhelpful loading mechanism via midi, but very stable. An excellent box, took me a long time to find a good quality one and now I have I am very happy with it.

Read the Sound On Sound review from the dim and distant past, it goes down very well indeed, if you can get yourself one. Oh, and it absolutely knocks spots off the KS range which is the most recent addition to the Novation hardware suite - I had a KS Rack, but not for long due to its less than flawless performance.

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