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TC Powercore Firewire DSP System

TC Powercore Firewire
A 1U rackmount version of the classic TC Powercore Plug In DSP system which connects to the PC using a standard firewire connection. Approximately twice as powerful as the PCI card version, the Firewire version is essentially the same product but with more oomph. It only runs VST effects and instruments but, after the version 4.4 release of the Cakewalk VST Adapter, which converts these into DX items, received full plug-in delay compensation I got hold of one tested it and kept it.

The reverbs are second to none, Classicverb is a dream and very easy to work, Megareverb takes more effort, but is still great. The dynamics are not quite as good as the UAD-1 but it does have a multiband mastering tool called the Master X3 which is nothing short of fabulous. There are other plug-ins such as a channel strip and a voice channel, a capable 4 band EQ called EQSat and Powercore 01 which is a VSTi monosynth. As with the UAD-1 card, I have not attached screenshots of all the plug-ins, they are readily available at the TC Electronic website.

There are lots of 3rd party plug-ins available, of great quality - you could certainly spend a lot and work this unit hard. I bought it principally to up the quality of my reverb gear, which is does nicely. You can read a full review I wrote for Samplecraze here: Samplecraze TC Powercore Review

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