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Focusrite Platinum Twintrak Pro Preamp

Focusrite Platinum Twintrak Pro Preamp
This is a two channel mic preamp, with a digital converter board installed. Why? Because the converter boards sold by Focusrite are very good quality and provide an excellent means to take your stuff out. Pop this is a mobile rack, with a laptop and a relatively cheap mobile two channel interface with SPDIF input and you have good quality preamps, with good converters at a relatively sensible price. That combination Does just like the new MOTU Ultralite and the RME Fireface 400 do, just with not so many channels.

It's nice, it has flexible monitoring, allowing you to add a comfort reverb without passing it to the outputs, it has a headphone output for realtime monitoring, it has a compressor and is variable impedance. It has nice old fashioned metering and a very easy to understand manual with some good basic education about what each button does, for the beginner. Balanced ins and outs all round. The only downside is that the AD converter board is a git to install, requiring about the only size of spanner that I don't have! Still, I managed.

In summary it's pretty neat for a sensibly priced, easy to use, straightforward box. I have used it a lot, it is my pre-amp of choice for vocals recording. I'd love a Focusrite ISA, but they are lots of dosh.

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